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In this segment, I attempt to list the remarkable literary and academic books that I have been through. As you may speculate, the books that I select are mostly related to Nepal and Nepali. With the term 'Nepali', I mostly mean Nepal's citizens of various ethnicities currently living in Nepal and the diaspora. By 'Nepali', I also incorporate Nepali ethnicities of India and beyond. I try to fill my bookshelf with books on education, and sustainable transformation in general. I may temporarily get certain book(s) from the library or from a friend. If it is possible, I try to keep physical books in my personal bookshelf. Otherwise, this digital bookshelf represents all the books (including the digital books) that I have read.

  • Dor Bahadur Bistakaa Kathaharu (Small Stories) - Himal Books
  • Champaa (Novel) - Lakshmi Prasad Devkota
  • Shirishko Phool (Novel) - Vishnu Kumari Waiba (Parijat)

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